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Brainspotting Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Reconstruction Therapy
EMDR Therapy, Body Connect Therapy, USPT Therapy.
Recovery from Obsessive compulsive disorder, Trauma, Depression,
Social anxiety disorder, PTSD, Dissociative disorders.

Welcome to the website of Mizuho CBT Counseling Room in Nagoya.


For clients who co me to talk with us, with a non-contact electronic thermometer I will measure your body temperature. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

An acrylic board is installed between the client and the interviewer to prevent infectious diseases.

Thank you very much for your support. Open as usaul.
If you would like to consult with Skipe, please contact us.

Therapist's Profile

Mr. Hideo Hanai, Clinical Psychologist(C.P.)in Nagoya is
conducting caring and compassionate psychotherapy.

Psychological counseling for Japanese and foreigners
using Behavioral Cognitive Therapy, Brainspotting Therapy
EMDR Therapy and USPT Therapy.

Mr. Hideo Hanai began counseling for English speaking
foreigners in April 2016.

I worked as a school counselor in Aichi and Gifu prefectures for 10 years.
I currently engages in consultation of Mizuho CBT Counseling Room.

Every Wednesday I work for Narai Psychosomatic Medecine (Narai Sinryounaika) in Okazaki City.

Case examples:

PTSD, Agoraphobia,Panic disorder,
Inappropriate parenting,
Obsessive Compulsive disorder(OCD),
School Non Attendance,
Depression and Anxiety, Social anxiety disorder
Traumatic experience related to mental disorders.

Please feel free to contact C.P. if you have an issue to discuss. I would be pleased to meet you and conscientiously lend a helping hand to you or to those close to you in need.

Internal Dissociation Scale

Instruction: This questionnaire consists of 20 statements that express various kinds of experiences and feelings. Internal dissociation means probability of subconscious personalities. Circle the alphabet of each statement. Please examine your probability of dissociation.

A – usually. B – sometimes. C- rarely. D- never.

ABCD1. Some people have a bad memory.
ABCD2. Some people lose their memory.
ABCD3. Irritation and anxiety arise in their minds regardless of the situation.
ABCD4. Some people are depressed.
ABCD5. Some people want to die.
ABCD6. Some people have a vague anxiety.
ABCD7. Some people feel irritated.
ABCD8. Some people look at themselves objectively.
ABCD9. When some people get angry, furies of the past are apt to rise.
ABCD10. When some people are sad, their hearts are filled with sadness of the past.
ABCD11. Some people have an internal conversation with themselves.
ABCD12. Some people take part in conference inside the brain.
ABCD13. Some people are slow to make a clear-cut decision.
ABCD14. Some people feel another personalities exist in themselves.
ABCD15. Some people hear voices speak to themselves.
ABCD16. Some people are apt to get stuck in the past .
ABCD17. Some people’s modes depend on the situation.
ABCD18. Some people don’t have feelings that time heals pains and sadness.
ABCD19. Some people feel distance between the world and themselves.
ABCD20. Some people don’t understand their own characters.

0~10 points  Probability of dissociation is low.
11~20 points You have a probability of dissociation.
21~30 points You have a high probability of dissociation.
31~40 points You have a very high probability of dissociation.
More than 40 points You may have a very high probability of dissociation or Multiple personality.

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Mr. Hideo Hanai graduated from Aichi University of Education where I obtained teacher's license in English(B.A.).

I worked as a teacher of English at senior high school for 38 years.
I majored in education and psychology at Meisei University(B.A).

I specialized in clinical psychology
in graduate school of Aichi Gakuin University (M.A.).

I qualified as certified clinical psychologist (Regulation No. 10015) from Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists.

I worked for schools as a school counselor at elementary schools,
junior high schools and senior high schools in Gifu and Aichi prefecture.

I am working for psychosomatic clinic in Okazaki city on Wednesday
Mizuho CBT Counseling Room in Nagoya city
on Sunday toTuesday, Friday to Saturday.

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Location and Access

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Public Traffic Access

The office is a 10- minute walk from Mizuho-Undojo-nishi station
on the Sakuradori line of Nagoya City Subway.

A case via Nagoya City Subway line:
Nagoya City Subway is available between Nagoya station
and Mizuho- Undojo- Nishi station.

Mizuho-Undojo-Nishi station is less than 20 minutes
from Nagoya station ( JR line, Kintetsu line, Meitetsu line).

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Parking Spot Guide

We have one parking spot. Parking spot address is
zip-code 〒467-0822 Daigicho 6-23-1 Mizuhoku Nagoyashi Aichiken.
The parking spot is located at the same site as the office.
The office is next to supermarket Yamadai.

Please come to my office looking at Tukata chugakkou (Nagoya city Tukata junior high school) and supermarket Yamadai as a guide to the location.

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Counseling days & Office Hours

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday.

Closed : Wednesday,Thursday

Open even on public holidays.

Office hours:
10:00 ~ 18:00

The room may be closed due to academic conferences and workshops. We will inform you of temporary holidays.
Please look at the top of this Website.

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Office hours

10:00 - 18:00

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Fee Structure

First session requires 12000 Yen for hearing and assessment .

After first session you can choose the following.

60 -70minutes session requires 8000Yen.

90 -100minutes session requires 10000Yen.

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Confidentiality of information

C.P. should protect confidentiality of his clients' case.

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Contact Information

I'd like to accept your call or email for reservation.

Telephone Inquiries

Please call

When you make a booking for counseling,
let me know your name & phone numbers and your availability like the following,
first choice: 15:00-17:00 on Mon 18 July
second choice: 13:00-16:00 on Thurs 21 July
third choice: 10:00-12:00 on Fri 22 July
I will tell you about my availability at once.

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If you'd like to cancel your appointment,
please let me know as soon as possible in advance by mail or telephone.

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E-Mail Inquiries

In the case of e-mail inquiry,
the above telephone inquiries example is good guide for you
I will contact you within 24 hours by return mail.


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Affiliation of Academy

I belong to psychology academies. As follows.

Japan association of Behavioral・Cognitive Therapies.

Japan EMDR Association.

Japan Brainspotting Association.

USPT Kenkyukai.

USPT=Unification of Subconscious Personalities by Tapping therapy

Japanese Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists.

Aichi Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists.

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  Mizuho CBT Counseling Room

zip-code: 〒467-0822

6-23-1 Daikichou Mizuhoku Nagoyashi

Contact Information:

Phone 090・7915・5559 

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Office Days:
Sat. Public Holidays

Office Hours:  

Closed: Wed.